Jul 13, 2013

Is it normal for my young son to become aroused?

Category: Children
Posted By: Sandra

Question: I'm wondering if I should be concerned. I understand that very young children will experience arousal, however, my 4 year old son becomes aroused when wearing my tights and will sneak them from the washing.

Today he was in the bath and pulled his sisters wet swimming costume from the sink and was sitting on it and was aroused. He told my husband not to look and to leave the bathroom.  Is this all part of normal development or should I be concerned?

Answer: Hi Sandra, thank you for your question.  That is a little curious.  As you say it is perfectly normal for children of all ages to become aroused.  However, it does seem as if your son is particularly interested in certain items, which must make him think in a way which arouses him.  I wouldn’t be particularly concerned about it, but it might bare some investigation. I would suggest that you talk to your son about why he particularly likes these items of clothing.  You can tell him that you have noticed how he behaves and you wonder if he could come and find you next time he feels this way and talk to you about what he is feeling and what he might need to help him with his feelings.

It is very important not to cause your son to feel any shame about his feelings or behaviour.  It may be that he is wanting your attention and getting it in this roundabout way.

Other than this I would just keep an eye on his behaviour and see if it diminishes over the next months.  If it doesn’t change with your help and attention, or if it gets worse then it might be worth seeking some advice from a professional to help understand what the situation is.

I wish you luck with managing it,


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