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ASK has put together a team of professionals, with many years of experience as expert witnesses within the family law courts.  Between us we are able to provide a wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary assessment service including:

  • Comprehensive assessments of parenting capacity including advice on placement and contact
  • In-depth emotional, psychological and developmental assessments of chidlren and adolescents of all ages
  • Assessment of attachments, bonding and relationship dynamics between parents and children
  • Assessment of sibling attachments and relationships and consequent advice on placement decisions
  • Psychiatric assessments of either children or adults
  • Cognitive assessments of both children and adults
  • Assessment of a couple's relationship and its impact on their combined capacity to parent
  • Details of the children's future placement, treatment and educational needs
  • Attendance at court or professionals meetings to discuss the findings of our reports

We pride ourselves on providing reports which are exceptionally comprehensive and of the highest clinical standards.  We ensure that the reports are clear, concise where this does not compromise the clinical depth, and answer the questions set out in the letter of instruction plainly and fully.  The findings of our reports are subject to rigorous research, discussion and exploration during team meetings and supervision.

All senior members of the assessment team have significant experience of medico-legal work both privately and within the NHS as well as many years clinical experience in both settings.  Senior and junior clinicians have been chosen not only for clinical expertise but for their ability to communicate professionally both in their written reports and in their dealings with professionals and at court.  Many team members have attended Report Writing training with the Bond Solon Legal Training Consultancy and Courtroom Training with the Royal Medical Society.  For further information on clinicians please see the staff biographies.

Despite this high level of expertise we aim to provide reasonably priced assessments that offer exceptional value for money and a multi-disciplinary approach.  For further information on fees please see our fees page.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss the possibility of referral and instruction. For further information or to book an initial consultation, please contact:

Ryan Lowe:

Tel: 020 7700 6236

Mob: 07961 440 206

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