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As parents we all need support, encouragement and sometimes someone to see things from a different perspective, lend expertise, or help resolve things that aren't working in the family. This site offers several ways to support parents, from the question network to personal sessions.

There are many aspects to this site for both parents and clinical professionals and I invite you to explore what is on offer.

"Ryan has a unique ability to help parents see the meaning in children's behaviour"

Michael Howard
Company Director and Parent

"Ryan was very compassionate about our difficulties and her advice was both practical and effective"

Arron Baker
Financial Advisor and parent

"Ryan's advice, although seemingly simple, made a huge difference to the difficulties we were having with our son"

Louise Able
Mother of David

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About This site

This site aims to further a cause to which I have dedicated my professional life, that of promoting our understanding of babies, children and family life.

My aim is to give information and help to find ways that families can integrate this into their own ideas about how to parent. This is what the question page hopes to achieve and I sincerely hope that it is of use to you.

I strongly believe that widening the understanding of parents, and providing support, will have far reaching affects on our children's emotional and psychological strength as they progress into adulthood. This, in turn, will make a significant difference to our future society.

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