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Nov 14, 2012
Category: Children
Posted By: Denise

Question: Hi Ryan, my son's classmate is showing her bum and genitals to him at school. Inside the school and outside at recess. She is always asking him if he wants to see her peepee. They are both turning eight this month and have known each other since they were 5 years old.

Nov 1, 2012
Category: Children
Posted By: Wendy

Question: My 9 year old brother has just witnessed his friend being run over by a car and die on spot.  He has been crying and has been doing things that he usually refuses to do like small chores, reading etc.   I think he is feeling guilty because he keeps saying I just turned away for a minute!  I'm really scared that this will scar him for life and wanted to know what we should do next. Thank you



Aug 30, 2012
Category: Children
Posted By: Heather

Question: My 8 year old daughter has a bruise on her upper arm.  She says she bit herself but claims she does not remember when, where, or who she was with.  I didn't see the bruise before a sleepover at her friends, but it could have happened before.  Do I continue pressing for details, or let it go?  Do I need to take her to a therapist?

Jun 16, 2012
Category: Children
Posted By: Alison

Question: We are a bi-lingual family, my husband is French and I am English.  We currently live in England but are planning to France to live nearer my husband’s family.  We would really like our six-month old daughter to grow up fully bi-lingual and are trying to understand how to best manage this.  We could speak to her in English at home and educate her in French, or the other way around.  We had also thought that I could speak to her in English and my husband in French but we were uneasy about how this would work in terms of family conversations.  We would very much like to maximize the benefits of being bi-lingual and minimize any difficulties for her.  Are you able to help us think about how to manage the situation? Many thanks, Alison

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