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Jun 17, 2012
Category: Childhood Disorders

Question: My Son who is now 16 was first diagnosed as having ADHD during his early years in School and he was asked to be removed from the School he was studying. He was given "Attentin" for some time, which was later discontinued. He was later diagnosed as having PDD -Atypical Autism. He is a very intelligent boy who has good memory, language skills etc. He is loved by his teachers and students in the School he is studying. The problem is that he gets exited and cannot stop himself from talking frequently. He doesn't understand that he has grown big. He is very immature. What Should I do?

Jun 16, 2012
Category: Children
Posted By: Alison

Question: We are a bi-lingual family, my husband is French and I am English.  We currently live in England but are planning to France to live nearer my husband’s family.  We would really like our six-month old daughter to grow up fully bi-lingual and are trying to understand how to best manage this.  We could speak to her in English at home and educate her in French, or the other way around.  We had also thought that I could speak to her in English and my husband in French but we were uneasy about how this would work in terms of family conversations.  We would very much like to maximize the benefits of being bi-lingual and minimize any difficulties for her.  Are you able to help us think about how to manage the situation? Many thanks, Alison

Jun 10, 2012
Category: Pregnancy and Birth
Posted By: Angelique

Question: My mother in law has gone to Australia to visit, she is planning on staying there and bringing her child over to Australia at the end of the year when he passes his grade 10.  At the moment he is staying with us.  He doesn’t listen when we talk and he does whatever he wants.  It is stressful as we are a newly wedded couple and he just does as he feels. This past weekend he left to got to Lusito Land on Friday and he has not returned as yet, no matter what we ask or say. He then let my husband know that he is moving out, who is going to take him to school and make sure that he passes his grade? He has already failed his grade and he repeating.  Please can you assist with some advice. Greatly appreciated, Angelique

Jun 10, 2012
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Alexia

Question: Sometimes my dad has made me feel like he cares more about my sister than he does about me. I never worried about it much because I thought he made my sister feel the same way sometimes. Then, this morning, I was in my room where I can hear things in the living room really well. Everyone thought I was asleep and my dad was talking about going to get my sister breakfast. My dad said (about my sister), "This is my favorite person in the world." Does he really favor her over me? Could I do that to my children? I've heard people talk about how special the first-born is. I don't like thinking my dad favors my sister and I really don't like thinking that I could make my children feel like this someday. What do you think?

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