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Jul 21, 2016
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Andrew
Question: My wife divorced me after years of putting up with my issues with combat related PTSD. It wasnt until I resorted to drug use and became full blown addict that she became fed up. Now our children blame her for the divorce and see me as the good guy.  She cries because of the things they say to her. It's not fair. I'm the bad guy and she has done nothing but make the hard choices to care for and protect our children.
Jul 13, 2013
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Michael

Question: I am a single parent with a 5 year old. My ex and I live on the same street and are amicable 99% of the time. I took my daughter to NY with me for 4 days and her mother spoke to her once during that time. When we came back my daughter went to the beach for a week’s holiday with her mother.

Mar 23, 2013
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Wendy
Question: My 4-year old's father has just moved to town to be closer to his son.  He moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with his girlfriend of 3 months who moved cross-country with him, and her 4-year old son.  My son has never met his new girlfriend or her son.  My ex husband wants to start sharing time with our son 50/50 with me.  He plans on having the two 4-year olds share a room.  I expressed my concern with this, because the boys have never met.  He says kids share rooms all the time.  Should I be concerned with this new living arrangement for my son?
Jun 10, 2012
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Alexia

Question: Sometimes my dad has made me feel like he cares more about my sister than he does about me. I never worried about it much because I thought he made my sister feel the same way sometimes. Then, this morning, I was in my room where I can hear things in the living room really well. Everyone thought I was asleep and my dad was talking about going to get my sister breakfast. My dad said (about my sister), "This is my favorite person in the world." Does he really favor her over me? Could I do that to my children? I've heard people talk about how special the first-born is. I don't like thinking my dad favors my sister and I really don't like thinking that I could make my children feel like this someday. What do you think?

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