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Feb 18, 2012
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Larry

In September 2011 my wife died  of a pulmonary embolism. She was 34 and left me with our son who is now a year old. Being a single dad and dealing with the grief of losing my wife, I need as much help as I can get. Her mom and my parents have been there repeatedly for us although they live 50 minutes away. My dad is retired and I am constantly having to call on him to come get my son due to sickness or the daycare is closed because I have to work.  I miss my wife very much and it tears me up that my son will not know his mother growing up...

Nov 1, 2011
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Liz
Hi, I am a divorced mother of 2 girls (9 & 6), my ex and I are relatively amicable. They live with me and go to him (and his new girlfriend) every other weekend but he doesn't really call or see them in the intervening weeks. Normal weekends are fine (although I do get a few moans about going occasionally - from both of them).  However, my oldest daughter gets really upset whenever her dad takes them away for the weekend, or away in the summer holidays, so much so she has started worrying now about next summer. This weekend he has taken them away and my oldest daughter has spent nights sobbing about going. My question is when can I say to him they don't want to go?  Should I force them to go?  Is this really the best thing for them?
Oct 12, 2011
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Grandad
I have a grandson, he is 1 year old and 1 month. He is a bright intelligent little guy. My question is with regards to his given name ( birth name). My daughter is 19, the father of the child is 24 and of Indian decent. He refuses to call the child by his given name "Dominic", and insists and demands he be called "Riyhann". They were never married, hardly knew each other, and she got pregnant, he denied the child was his, all the way till the state made him take a paternity test(California). Once that was done they made him start to pay support. He has limited visitation, 3 hours a day, and one night on the weekend. But he and his family refuse to call the child by his given name, and are very openly disrespectful to my daughter in the child's presence. The father knows this upsets her and when he returns the child, he will always make a point to say the name he has demanded, at least 5-10 time before he will try to return the child to her. He is very openly hostile to her. Can you please tell me at his age if the conflict in calling him by his given name and the hostility will have a detrimental impact on him at this young an age. I am concerned for him, as he may get confused.


Jul 22, 2011
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Sie

Hello, as a divorced father of a three-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy it has been very difficult dealing with the many issues of parenting from a non-couple status.  My ex, who is a doctor, says very mean things about our son while he is present.  She said something the other day that blew me away.  My son was on his back kicking his dog.  I asked him to quiet and his mother chimes in and says he has a mean streak in him.   I was shocked and after my response she then tries to enforce her charges by saying that her mother also agrees with her and that he has had a mean streak for more than a year and a half.   I said bye and left before I showed any anger in front of the children.

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