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Apr 8, 2013
Category: Teens
Posted By: Sally

Question: I try to talk to my daughter of 15 but every time I do she cries.  It drives me mad as don't know how else to talk to her. Can you help?

Nov 4, 2012
Category: Teens
Posted By: Grace

Question: My daughter is almost sixteen and recently has developed a tic. This is quite severe and her whole body spasms. This only happens once each time and is quick and not prolonged.  She also seems to cough, it's not natural but forced like she is clearing her throat.

Aug 6, 2012
Category: Teens
Posted By: Lexi

Question: Sometimes my mother lies to get away from me.  We are a fairly wealthy family, yet they both seem to have to spend every waking minute at their jobs. And when they are not at work they are either in separate rooms asking not to be disturbed, or blowing up at each other. I am alone at home doing work of my own from 7 am until 9 pm, and I am only 14. I know most kids should like that but to me it feels like I have no family in the world and the family I do have does anything they can to get away from me. The only words I hear from them are ‘did you do your chores today?’ I cry myself to sleep almost every night. I need help please?  Lexi

Feb 5, 2012
Category: Teens
Posted By: Hannah

I have reason to believe my friend is self harming but I don’t know for sure. She is 14 years old.  I saw 5 consecutive straight lines on her arm today, I asked her what happened, she covered it up and quickly dismissed it.  I don’t want to get involved to find it is nothing, but also don’t want to ignore it and find its something.

Please help me work out what to do,


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