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Oct 12, 2011
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Grandad
I have a grandson, he is 1 year old and 1 month. He is a bright intelligent little guy. My question is with regards to his given name ( birth name). My daughter is 19, the father of the child is 24 and of Indian decent. He refuses to call the child by his given name "Dominic", and insists and demands he be called "Riyhann". They were never married, hardly knew each other, and she got pregnant, he denied the child was his, all the way till the state made him take a paternity test(California). Once that was done they made him start to pay support. He has limited visitation, 3 hours a day, and one night on the weekend. But he and his family refuse to call the child by his given name, and are very openly disrespectful to my daughter in the child's presence. The father knows this upsets her and when he returns the child, he will always make a point to say the name he has demanded, at least 5-10 time before he will try to return the child to her. He is very openly hostile to her. Can you please tell me at his age if the conflict in calling him by his given name and the hostility will have a detrimental impact on him at this young an age. I am concerned for him, as he may get confused.


Aug 27, 2011
Category: Teens
Posted By: Squirrel

My friend, Bleu is cutting herself. I am positive that she is not cutting herself because of some kind of emotional turmoil (such as depression) because her boyfriend told me that she had carved his name into her hip. With a knife. If its any help, I have an idea of what might have caused this problem. For the last two years, Bleu has become obsessed with something called 'Anime', a japanese style of drawing. A fair amount of these are very graphic. Especially the ones Bleu likes (such as a show called 'Bleach').  Along with the collective gory-ness of regular Anime, she is obsessed a specific type of Anime known as 'Yaoi', basically a term for affection between two men. Some of it is rather innocent, such as holding hands or hugging. But the rest... Not so much. Unfortunately, it is that side of the spectrum that Bleu has fallen in love with.   Along with all the Anime stuff that is messing her up, she has recently been trying to become what is known as a 'Emo'.  And from what I have researched, people who are Emo usually end up committing suicide. I seriously doubt that Bleu would ever do that, seeing as she is constantly cheery.  Bleu, her boyfriend, and I are all 13 years old. Now, do you think a 13 year old in 8th grade who goes to a good school and lives in a good neighborhood should be into that kind of stuff? And what can I, another 13 year old, do to help her without completely destroying our friendship and making her hate me? Should I tell her parents, or will that just make it worse? Please give whatever advice you can. If you do, I shall be extremely grateful.

Jul 22, 2011
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Sie

Hello, as a divorced father of a three-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy it has been very difficult dealing with the many issues of parenting from a non-couple status.  My ex, who is a doctor, says very mean things about our son while he is present.  She said something the other day that blew me away.  My son was on his back kicking his dog.  I asked him to quiet and his mother chimes in and says he has a mean streak in him.   I was shocked and after my response she then tries to enforce her charges by saying that her mother also agrees with her and that he has had a mean streak for more than a year and a half.   I said bye and left before I showed any anger in front of the children.

Jul 19, 2011
Category: Sleeping Problems
Posted By: Ryan Lowe
I have a step daughter who is nearly 8 and she refuses to sleep alone. To top it off my husband isn't much help. She cries every time we put her to bed stating she misses mommy (we get her every other weekend) which I get but I think it is time for to learn to sleep on her own. My husband will sometimes lay with her until she falls asleep but she will still come in our room in the middle of the night crying. My husband will let her lay with us and tells her she has to go back in a minute but doesn't make her or just ends up sleeping with her in her bed. I need help in two areas: how do I make my husband see she needs to sleep on her own (he just states I don't understand? Btw our 1 year old sleeps in his own bed) and how do I make it easier for her? I want my husband back and I want her to feel comfortable and enjoy things like slumber parties and such.

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