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Feb 15, 2015
Category: Childhood Disorders

Question: My daughter compulsively says "I love you."  It started when she was about 8 years old and I thought it was just a phase or had to do with the fact that my husband and I had gotten back together after being separated.  But she is 11 now and it has not changed.

Feb 15, 2015
Category: Pregnancy and Birth
Posted By: Stephanie

Question: My children are Olivia,7, and Jacob, 9, their biological father and his entire family has been out of their lives for almost 4 years. We are in the process of arranging for my current husband to adopt them and we are at the stage of deciding name changes or not. My son is adamant that he wants to take my husbands last name and my daughter is dead against it. I've talked to them both thoroughly about this. I don't want to go against either of wishes but would also like everyone to agree on the subject. What do I do?


Feb 15, 2015
Category: Children
Posted By: Coralie

Question: We are struggling with our daughter's mental health at the moment.  She is 4 years old and started school in September 2014.   Every morning she complains of a stomach ache and says she doesn't want to go to school.  She ends up crying most mornings.



Jan 23, 2015
Category: Infants
Posted By: Anna

Question: We are currently in the middle of trying to figure out childcare for our newborn baby, and are torn on which option is best; having a nanny come in 4 days a week or having grandparents stay with the child 1 day, having a nanny come in for 2, and working from home the other two days. The first option seems to offer the kind of routine babies generally thrive on, but the other option is more.

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