Oct 4, 2014

I Don't Know Who To Trust

Category: Children
Posted By: Elizabeth

Question: I am a ten-year-old UK girl that lives in the United States. I am sacred to death of America women, because my British mother tells me that 90 percent of the women in the United States cannot be trusted. I had several European women and several European men telling me the same thing.




Dear Elizabeth,

I am sorry to hear that you are so frightened and feeling out of place in the United States.  It must be terribly frightening to think that you can’t trust the people around you.  I don’t know where or how you heard you were told about the people of America being untrustworthy but I do know that you can never generalize about any race of people in such a way.  We all make comments or generalisations but there is no such concept as a whole nationality of people who can’t be trusted.

I would urge you to think for yourself about who you can and can’t trust and to use your instincts and feelings about who seems to be kind and honest.  It is good to take your time to know people before you trust them, but also important to take the time to get to know people so that you can build up close relationships, especially when you have just moved somewhere new and need to make friends.

If you think that you can, it would be good to talk to your Mum about how frightening you have found her comments.  I don’t know if you have made any friends in school yet but if you have it would be great to talk to them also about what you have heard and what they might think about it.

I really do wish you luck with finding people that you feel you can trust and feel at home with.

Very best wishes,


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