Feb 28, 2011


Category: Children
Posted By: Karen
picture of Adam and EveIs there a 'right' age to stop being naked around your kids?


The answer to this question is entirely culturally subjective. There are many cultures in which nudity is perfectly acceptable at any age. There are many western families for whom nudity within the family is always acceptable. There are, equally many cultures and religions who warm of the sins and temptations of nudity, and in between these are a whole range of 'normal' and 'right'. If you happened to be living in a tribe in paraguay or the amazon you would find yourself ridiculed for covering up nudity in front of your children. On the other hand in central london you might well be ridiculed for not covering it up. The closest I can come to a 'right' answer for you is to do what 'feels right'.

I would suggest that you need to take close account of two things:

  • Firstly you need to have an honest look at your own views about nudity and sexuality and what you feel is healthy or unhealthy about these.
  • Secondly have a think about what you would like for your children to feel about nudity and sexuality and how you might best help them to develop what you feel would be a healthy attitude to both.

With this information you can think about how best to pass on what you feel would be a healthy, balanced attitude. You will also need to bear in mind that you are not the only influence on your children, as they grow up there will be friends, media, teachers, childminders, etc and from these they will grasp a strong idea of what is the cultural norm. If you are going to differ widely from this that is perfectly fine but you need to help your children think about this so that they don't feel uncomfortable, and also accept if they have a different view to you. Many children go through a natural prudish stage between about 7 and puberty. And then when they reach puberty may well be naturally shy/embarrased about their own and others naked bodies.

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