Pre-Natal Parenting Group

The course runs for six consecutive weeks run by Ryan Lowe the syllabus for which is below. After the initial six weeks the group will continue to meet monthly as a peer support group. The cost of the initial six weeks is £300 per participant with a £100 discount for the second parent if both parents attend. For details of dates and venues please return the form below.

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  • Week One Explores: In-utero experiences/influences, Birth, Bonding, Research on the immediate Post-Natal period, Child-Birth in different cultures, Dealing with premature birth/Kangaroo care
  • Week Two Explores: Containment - looking at Wilfred Bion and his understanding of how to contain and process the feelings of young babies. Attachment - exploring the work of John Bowlby and his understanding of attachment in babies and young children.
  • Week Three Explores: The two BIG topics; Breastfeeding and Sleeping
  • Week Four Explores: Phases of being a young baby; the first six weeks, once the baby is settled, dealing with colic, the changes that take place at 3 months.
  • Week Five Explores: Birth of the adults into being parents. Looking at the participants own parenting and how they want to parent. Looking at support systems and the importance of support and community in parenting.
  • Week Six Explores: Thinking about the emerging child and the emerging parent. Looking at any specific areas which have been requested by parents.
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