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Ryan Lowe currently teaches and supervises many professionals who are working with children, whether they are child psychotherapists, trainees, therapists who trained to work with adults and are now seeing children or those in allied professions wishing to gain greater depth into the clients they are working with.

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I currently run a lively, thriving private supervision practice and very much enjoy working with other professionals to explore and advise on clinical work. Supervision can be carried out either regularly or on a one-off basis. If you are not close enough to attend supervision personally then it can be carried out on the telephone, via skype or via email.

Court and Legal

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Advice on being called as a witness: I have acted as an expert witness to the family law courts for over 5 years and have gained extensive knowledge of the law as regards child psychotherapists and clinical work. I offer a supervision and advice service to therapist who are in a position of needing to provide reports or give evidence in regard to their clinical practice.

Organisational Consultation

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Organisational consultancy focuses not just on the individuals but on the dynamics of the organisation as a whole. This can take the form of individual meetings with senior staff or taking groups of staff members for supervision and work discussion to think about both the individual children in their care and the larger network within which they are held.


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If you would like to engage my services as a speaker or lecturer I am able to speak on a wide variety of child and family based subjects.

To enquire about supervision teaching or conferences please contact Ryan Lowe directly at:


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