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Jul 21, 2016
Category: Family Issues
Posted By: Andrew
Question: My wife divorced me after years of putting up with my issues with combat related PTSD. It wasnt until I resorted to drug use and became full blown addict that she became fed up. Now our children blame her for the divorce and see me as the good guy.  She cries because of the things they say to her. It's not fair. I'm the bad guy and she has done nothing but make the hard choices to care for and protect our children.
Mar 3, 2016
Category: Children

Should we tell my son about going to the doctor For his injections?  My husband thinks we should wait until we are in the office to tell our son so he won't worry about it before. I think we should give him a little heads up so he's not wondering every time we are going to an unknown place if the end result will be frightening.



Aug 18, 2015
Category: Toddlers
Posted By: Vanessa

Question: My son is 3 years old.  His father and I are divorced and have been apart since he was 18 months.  His sister is 5 years old and a very smart little girl.  Both of my children go to a private babysitter but will be starting day care in 2 weeks.  They are usually the only ones at the babysitter's.  I think they both need more socialization.  My daughter will be starting Kindergarten, which will help, but my son needs, structure, a schedule.



Feb 15, 2015
Category: Children
Posted By: Nicole

Question: When my 5 year old daughter draws family portraits she never includes my 3 year old son in the picture.  He often asks her why he isn't in the picture and she always responds that he hasn't been born yet.  Occasionally she will draw me with a big tummy and draw a little picture of him in my tummy.  The two of them get along very well together and play happily together all the time.  Should I be concerned about this?  Could it be a jealousy thing?  Thanks.


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