Jun 10, 2012

Looking afer a rebellious teenager

Category: Pregnancy and Birth
Posted By: Angelique

Question: My mother in law has gone to Australia to visit, she is planning on staying there and bringing her child over to Australia at the end of the year when he passes his grade 10.  At the moment he is staying with us.  He doesn’t listen when we talk and he does whatever he wants.  It is stressful as we are a newly wedded couple and he just does as he feels. This past weekend he left to got to Lusito Land on Friday and he has not returned as yet, no matter what we ask or say. He then let my husband know that he is moving out, who is going to take him to school and make sure that he passes his grade? He has already failed his grade and he repeating.  Please can you assist with some advice. Greatly appreciated, Angelique

Answer: Dear Angelique, I’m so sorry that you have having such trouble looking after Adam.  I’m afraid you have been put in a very difficult position.  As you are not parents yourselves, jumping into the teenage years is never going to be easy.  Parenting a teenager is a really tricky and delicately balanced task and you can’t really be expected to manage it without have built up a very solid relationship and set of boundaries.

From what you describe it sounds as if Adam might well be unsafe due to his behavior, certainly you are not in a position to know if he is safe or not unless he is able to tell you what he is doing and who he is with.  If he moves out you will have no control at all over his safety or wellbeing and this becomes a child protection issue.

I think that you probably have no choice but to ask his mother to either come back and see him through the end of 10th grade, or to take Adam with her to Australia.  I understand that she doesn’t want to disrupt his schooling, but this is likely to be severely disrupted anyway if he is not kept safe and contained.

I hope that is of help to you.  Very good luck in whatever you decide,


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