Apr 8, 2013

My Teenager Cries All The Time

Category: Teens
Posted By: Sally

Question: I try to talk to my daughter of 15 but every time I do she cries.  It drives me mad as don't know how else to talk to her. Can you help?

Answer: Dear Sally, just a short answer as you haven’t given me much information.  However, from what you say it does sound like your daughter is very distressed and that between you there is a real difficulty with communication.  I think that you need to find a way of being patient and compassionate with her so that she is more able to let you know why she is so upset.  Perhaps you could start with easy subjects, ask her about her hobbies and things that she likes, begin with positive topics rather than whatever it is that is upsetting her.  Once you both feel that you are on friendly terms then you can very gently talk about what might be wrong.  You could begin by letting her know that you are worried about her and ask what would be the easiest way for her to let you know what is wrong.  Perhaps if it is too difficult for her to talk to you in person then she could write to you and let you know what the problem is.  If that doesn’t work then you could ask her whom she might feel able to talk to more freely and agree that she talks to that person.  It could be a family member, an older friend that you both trust, or even your GP if that is someone that you both have a good relationship with.

If all else fails then I would contact a child or family therapist to get some help with the difficulty as it is clearly distressing both of you and needs to be resolved.

Very best wishes,


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