"Ryan has a unique way of thinking about the modern family and its trials and tribulations"

Mike Howard
Company Director and Parent

"The advice Ryan gave was hugely supportive and has really helped us cope with the 'terrible twos'."

Clive and Lucy
Parents of Miran

"She describes children in a way which makes them so much more... well, human"

Amy Rose
Parent of two

"Her compassion for the plight of the modern parent is immensely fortifying, and her advise is supportive in all the right places."

Single Parent by Choice

"Ryan has graced us with her tremendous experience as a therapist, supervisor and tutor... Ryan is practically unflappable, able to retain her clinical balance in many trying and testing situations as they have arisen over the years... Ryan's good humour, spontaneity and creativity have been an enormous asset to us, inexplicably bringing to us both a light touch and gravitas at the same time."

Jonathan Harris

"Ryan is a very supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic supervisor, sharing my passion for the work, and my empathy for the clients."

Zoe Dewe-Matthews
Integrative Child Psychotherapist

"Ryan was a wonderful supervisor. I work with children in care and felt held and contained by Ryan's experience, interest and enthusiasm."

Linda Manning
Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist
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